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Free your inbox of spam with SpamPhobia, and help make the online world spam-free.
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Our engine analyses 1000s of emails every second, continuously updating and learning the latest threats.

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Software - rather than humans - keeps your data secure and safe, and no personal information is ever shared. We pride ourselves on privacy.

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SpamPhobia works extensively across all devices to keep your inbox spam-free, clean and safe.

Global Spam Threat Real Time Analysis

SPAM and Distribution lists steal your time:

Data gathered and updated on real time from hundreds of emails per second from our user base

A real-time, customer-centric spam-fighting community that empowers the user - YOU!
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AntiSpam, Advanced Threat Protection and Distribution List Management.

It’s simple, fast and free to join the fight against spam today


Just sign-up with your email, authorise SpamPhobia and get started instantly. Built in support for Gmail, Live, MSN, Outlook, and all IMAP Servers.


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SpamPhobia instantly cleans your inbox by filtering and removing all nasty spam to the SpamPhobia folder, then checks regularly every hour to keep on top of spam.

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PRO Advantanges

PRO Members benefit even greater with SpamPhobia, with Advanced Threat Detection, more regular Spam-Sweeps and much, much more.

  • Hourly cleans
  • SPAM protection
  • 1 user = 1 email account
  • Manual Cleanup
  • No Distribution List management
  • Every minute cleans
  • Advanced SPAM protection
  • 1 user = 1 email account
  • Automatic Cleanup
  • Distribution List management
Whilst we all hate spam, we totally love feedback for SpamPhobia
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Why take our word for how great SpamPhobia is, when you can rather just listen to many of our delighted customers?
"I don’t need or want daily emails from 100+ stores. It was getting hard to sort through everything to actually get to the emails from my friends and family! My inbox was full of literally thousands of unwanted emails until I found Spamphobia"

Mary Goodman, Homemaker, Seattle, WA

"Now I can focus on my work helping patients, instead of spending time deleting those spammy emails."

Dr. Adam Spreckleson, Cardiologist, Chicago, IL

"I installed it on my elderly mom’s email, because she tends to fall for scams, so now I don’t have to worry about her inbox either!"

Julie Douglas, Teacher, Baltimore, MD